Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard And Junk

If you remember from this post, we needed to finish our back yard. So we worked on our backyard this weekend and finished the rest of the garden beds. My husband spent hours digging, putting in sprinklers and moving dirt around. We planted a Japanese Maple (in the wine barrel) a lemon tree (though right now it looks like a bush), African Daisies, Yarrow, Zinnias, and Marigolds.
I can't wait until it all grows in...should be pretty.

I had saved an empty space in hopes of putting a wheelbarrow there...I just had to find one in the neighborhood junk piles. And guess what I found this morning!!! It's perfect, I didn't think I would find one this fast, I do believe this is a "junk find" record!! So now I need to fill it with potting soil and I think it will make a nice herb garden.
We got these wine barrels for free while at garage sales this weekend and put them right to use. In the corner you can see our raised garden beds. My husband made those last year and they were so nice for our garden. I found the headboards in a junk pile last summer, but all the paint is peeling off of them so I may have to repaint this year.
Here is a full view of our yard.
See the brother, who is a handyman, got that from one of his clients and he gave it to me! I'm just waiting for the ground to settle so we can sink it into the dirt.
So glad this project is complete...until the weeds start growing!!!

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