Friday, April 23, 2010

*Holly Bake*

The restaurant I work at uses more egg yolks then egg whites, so I asked them to save them for me so I could try out some new recipes.
--Though I now have 26 egg whites sitting in the fridge!--

I found this recipe on, one of my go-to recipe sites and thought I would use some of those egg whites.

I like the cake part, it is flavorful and yummy, but the filling was a little dry and grainy. Maybe I didn't make it right but I don't think I will re-try that filling recipe again.
As for the frosting it reminds me a lot of Marshmallow Creme, sticky and sweet but it tastes good. Though next time I think I will stick with Swiss Meringue I think it is the perfect frosting.

So that's my thoughts on that!


  1. Have you thought about making Angel Food cake from scratch? I think that takes a lot of egg whites. Or you could try your hand at meringue cookies. I'll gladly taste test anything you try.

  2. Try to make Angel Food cupcakes, but never...never...never..make anything with egg whites on a rainy day. The humidity makes it shrink/not cook/taste awful!! I let you know when I make more...and then you can taste test.