Monday, March 11, 2013

*Holly Paint* - Masculine Dresser

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Here's a nice 1980's dresser transformation for ya!  Don't you just love the gold handles and the seashells.  Apparently I did back in 1986 because this was apart of a set that my parents bought for my sister and me...I think it was from Sears.  I remember thinking we were so lucky to have this dresser set!!  

Well...this dresser was being used by my brother until a few months ago.  I don't think it really looks like a bachelor so I gave him my old Ikea dresser and I took this one back.  It was screaming for a makeover.  It went from 1980's girly to 2013 Masculine/Rustic.

We (I mean my husband) pulled off the laminate top and replaced it with a pine so I could use a black stain on the top.  He then cut 1/4" plywood to be used to cover the fronts of the drawers - hiding the shell design.
I taped off a small rectangle around the edge of the drawer fronts and painted it white and then stained with a black stain.  Then we glued the fronts on and added upholstery tacks to the corners as an extra detail.

 The handles are old leather belts that I picked up at a thrift store.  I screwed them on with large silver screws.

The drawers are lined with pages from a dictionary.

I can't wait until my mom/dad and sister see this I'm pretty sure they wouldn't know it was the same dresser!