Monday, August 30, 2010

*Holly Sew*

Found this cute, Vintage, red, Polka Dot dress at a Garage sale last summer. It STUNK so I only had to pay 50 cents for it...score. I took it home, scrubbed and scrubbed it and it still stunk so after a good sniffing I realize it was the elastic...

apparently as elastic ages it starts to smell like cat pee...Lovely.

The halter tie was originally a bow but I decided it would be way cuter with I had the button detail...absolutely love the dress...

I loved the dress so much that I had to make another one...when I replaced the elastic on the Polka-Dot dress I traced a pattern from it to make this....
Very summery and fun....
My Aunt gave me the material, she found it at Goodwill!

Though, I do have to say that my favorite part our my shoes...Payless Shoe Source the perfect shade of yellow and only $4.00!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

*Holly Junkin'*

Went out to garage sales on day and came upon a foreclosed house with a pile of junk sitting in front of it. So I told my Handy Husband to stop and then I rummaged through it all.
He was freakin' out because he thinks it's illegal to rummage through unwanted junk. I think I'm doing my part to save the Earth! Anyways I hit the jackpot with 4 wooden frames.

All turning into chalkboards in the near future.

This frame was a legal find! 1 buck at a garage sale...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

*Holly Paint*

Found this Jewelry Box at a thrift store and loved the details but hated the wood color...
I sanded it....
Then painted it white...
But still hated the color.


After a little Turquoise and some Distressing...
The final Product...

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Monday, August 23, 2010

*Holly Sew*

I bought these 2 men shirts at a thrift store for $3.00 total. So I cut them up and turned them into a new summer dress for me!
Here it is, though in this picture it makes me look pregnant, which I'm definitely not!! The belt buckle of given to me by my friend and I used a piece of scrap fabric to make the belt.

I used the front of the shirt for the back of my dress to give it added detail. The dress can be worn with or without the belt.
Not bad for 3 Bucks!

*Holly Happy*

I'm so "Happy" to say that my Bed Benches have been featured on Fireflies and Jellybeans.
She just made my Monday!
Check out her amazing blog!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

*Holly Sew*

Finally I moving on to the "sewing portion" of the Makers' Market. I have been collecting vintage pillowcases and transforming them into aprons.

Here is my favorite...turquoise gingham apron with a eyelet fabric flower detail.

A blue, purple and green flower apron
.Another apron with a flower detail!

A BIG thank you to my cousin Courtney who took the pictures...I really NEED a camera like hers (I also NEED a good eye for photos taking too, does that come with a camera purchase???)
Oh...I also learned I NEED better posture too!!!

*Holly Paint*

Just finished this cute little cabinet yesterday and love it, if I do say so myself!!

My handy husband and I found the cabinet at a flea market not long after we got married. In order for it to be usable he had to fix the bottom drawer and the top and it has held up for the past 7 years. It had been white but I thought it could use a little color so went with this deep turquoise, then distressed it and aged it with stain. I re-used the white rose handles to give it some charm. Kinda want to keep it for myself but honestly don't have a spot for it...sad for me but good for the buyer who gets to take it home.

I bought the mirror when I was in college (though I never finished college so that's why I'm painting for a living!). I added the molding detail and then gave it the same finish as the cabinet. This would be a perfect set for a entry way or could be used as a dresser in a little girls room.



Thursday, August 19, 2010

*Holly Paint*

This bed was found in a junk pile ready to head out to the landfill...but my husband did a midnight junk run and saved it! It is an old Ethan Allen bed...but not quite sturdy enough to return to the bedroom. So my Handy Husband made a bench. Perfect for a front porch.

This bed was also headed to dump but my Aunt and Uncle rescued it for me and my Handy Husband worked a little magic and ta-da...another bench.

Both will be for sale at the Makers' Market coming Sunday, September 26th at Silva's Sheldon Inn.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Makers' Market

Looking forward to the Makers' Market coming Sunday, September 26 at Silva's Sheldon Inn!
Hope you can come out and see us...tell your friends!

Monday, August 16, 2010

*Holly Paint*

This is an old chair I have had for awhile, I painted yellow then distressed and aged it. It matches the yellow desk that I posted earlier.

I found these headboards in a junk pile and thought they were adorable. They are a toddler size I turned them upside down and added a piece of metal to make a magnet board. I have one in distressed white and also painted one black.

This pink chair is quite cute I covered the seat with fabric from a vintage pillowcase.

Everything will be for sale at the "Makers' Market" coming September 26 at Silva's Sheldon Inn.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*Holly Paint*

Here are a few more pieces for the "Makers' Market" coming Sunday, September 26th.

This is a desk that I painted yellow, then distressed and aged with stain. It looks like it came out of an old farmhouse.

I found this rocking chair in bad condition and gave it a little attention.It also was painted yellow, distressed and then aged with stain. Would would be perfect for a front porch or even a baby's room.

This desk was a Craigslist find.

After a little paint it looks very shabby chic.

I wish I would of remembered to take a before picture of this magazine rack but, of course, I forgot! It was in poor shape, but with a little work from my handy husband it looks perfectly vintage.