Saturday, November 20, 2010

*Holly Paint*

 Found this piece in a junk pile during my "trash rounds."  Though it looked pitiful I remained positive and  thought it still look like it had some life left in it.   I took it home, removed the top piece sanded, painted and then went to work with a Dremmel....

 And here it is all Prettied-Up!!  Love what can be done with a Dremmel, my new favorite Tool.  It is the perfect Coffee Table for a small living space.

Found this side table at a garage sale and just couldn't pass it up, I LOVED the lines especially on the doors.

 With some paint and new handles, it came out Perfect. 
Lined the drawer and painted the inside a pretty shade of Blue...Cute...Cute...Cute.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

*Holly Paint*

 So...I know I haven't posted any furniture for awhile but that doesn't mean my garage isn't full of unfinished projects.

Luckily today I completed this little nightstand.  I found it in a junk pile and just loved the details.  The wood was peeling with a little love and attention it turned into this....

 Isn't it gorgeous!!  It was meant to be rescued and love.  I wish I had room for it in my home...but I'm sure someone out there will take great care of it.

This is the first time I lined a drawer and now will be lining all my drawers...super cute!!
Honestly, there is not blotches on the nightstand that is from my poor pitiful camera!!

This vanity belongs to my friend who has had it since a teen and now is going in her 12 year old daughters room.   It has definitely seen better days but with a lot of sanding and a few coats of primer, the white paint made the vanity look amazing.   

Here it is in her bedroom.  Her daughter wanted to paint it purple but mom said no (good choice) so we put purple knobs on it which can easily be changed later.  My friend didn't want it "distressed" you know how hard it was to not take sandpaper to this thing. Oh well, it still is adorable.  And when I dropped it off her husband thanked me for fixing and told me he was going to throw it away...I guess he didn't know what he had!!

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