Friday, December 28, 2012

*Holly Paint* -Old Teacher Desk

 My friend text me one day and said she had found an old teacher desk that she wanted me to paint for her.  I always get excited when she calls me with a painting job...she has great taste and a fun style. I did this Chevron Hutch for her awhile back.
 She sent me a couple inspiration photos and I went to work on the piece. 

Here are a few pictures of the final desk.  What a great desk for a her workspace!
I bought these knobs at Hobby Lobby...I've heard there is a new on coming to the Arden area and I'm sooooo excited.  It will be so much closer for me but I'll also probably be spending more $$.

It took me awhile to tape off the lines for the desk top design.  I actually had to do this part twice since I was not being careful and didn't seal the tape with a base coat of white first.  The green bled through the tape and it was a mess!  So out came the stripper (not an actual male stripper but a Paint Stripper product!) and I re-did the whole top.  Oh, the lessons I learn! 

And, of course, a before picture of the desk.  She's looking pretty sad...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

*Holly Happy*

It is fun to see my License Plate Dresser on some of my favorite blogs this past couple of weeks.

 It has been featured on

Totally exciting... 

Primitive and Proper

Friday, December 14, 2012

*Holly Sew*

I usually try to take the month of December off from painting because it is too cold + I just want to enjoy Christmas. 
Though I'm working on a custom desk for a friend right now and I will post pic next week.
But that doesn't mean I haven't done anything creative!  I finished these quilts for my nieces a couple weeks ago and am getting ready to mail them off.    

I have made quilts for all SIX of my sisters kid.
They usually get them for their 1st Christmas...
but I have fallen behind a couple times-this year included!! 
If you want to check out a couple boy quilts that I did for my nephews go check out the post here.

Just as I start to think that I have run out of ideas for their quilts I find cute fabric and get inspired. 

The first one is for Miss Faith! 

I embroidered my her name on the little flag banner.
I wanted to do something different instead of regular binding so I went with a pom-pom trim.  It took a lot of pinning but was worth the effort.  I like the fun detail on the edge.
I used bias tape for the balloon ribbons.
 The inspiration fabric.

The next quilt for Miss Ruie incorporates two of my favorite things...birds and bunting!!

I made the birdcage with bias tape and a little rick-rack trim. Of courser her name had to be embroidered on the quilt (they have 6 kids-it's the only way to keep it all straight!!)

An up close picture of the the bias tape birdcage.

The inspiration fabric.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

*Holly Paint*

Remember way back when I wrote about re-doing my son's room??? Well, I thought I should finally post a little something about the makeover! I don't have pictures of the whole room but here are a few to start...
Since my son is now sharing his room with our foster son I had to find a larger dresser to fit both of their stuff. I was so glad when I found one on Craigslist for $50.00.

 Of course I forgot to take a before picture but it looks just like this one that Cassie re-did on Primitive and Proper.  Go check her out she has a great blog and I love what she did with her dresser.

I painted the base and drawers of the dresser white and then sanded heavily to age it.  My husband and I found the license plates at the Sacramento Antique Fair.  The California one was from on of my husbands old trucks.  I drilled a hole in the license plate then added old wooden knobs. 
I stained the top of the dresser and added industrial gate pulls to the remaining drawers. 
 Definitely a keeper... this can grow with my boys through their teen years!
 (Of course, knowing me, I will get tired of it...sell it and do something different in 2-3 years!)

I also found an old sign at the same flea market that said "Toy Loading Zone." I think it may of been a Christmas decoration. So I had my husband cut it into strips and then I mounted it to an old fence board (from my parents old porch) and screwed it onto their toy box. Yep...I like it!!  

 P.S....Isn't that chalkboard amazing??!!  My brother-in-law made that for my son...go check out his cool art here!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*Holly Paints*

I was able to hit an estate sale last month that had this bedroom set for sale. It is solid wood and in great condition so I couldn't pass it up.

I had wanted to paint it white and distress but because it was already a white color I knew the distressing wouldn't show up.  So I decided that a color was the only way to go.  I mixed my own light turquoise paint and got to work.   I then painted the top a pearl white.  I stained the whole piece to age it a little.  It turned out to be a  really beautiful set. 

Primitive and Proper

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

*Holly Paint*

My brother, who is a handyman, was given this dresser by a client. He called me and asked if I wanted. Of course I wanted it...I always want old furniture!!  

 I really liked the simplicity and size of the dresser.  Though take a look at the knobs....I think 80's Puff Paints were used on them...not sure exactly what that design is??  Maybe a tulip, rose, or just plain scribble!!

I started by painting the dresser a Seafoam Green and then decided it needed a graphic.  My best friend and I were talking about different room themes and she mentioned she liked beach cruisers and thought that it would be cute for a kids room.  That got my mind thinking and I came up with this idea to paint on the dresser.  
I penciled in the bike using the knob as the center for the wheel.   Then I painted over the pencil with a charcoal gray paint.  

For the "Enjoy the Ride" I used this tutorial from That's My Letter.  She is really amazing when it comes to wood crafts.

  I went over the whole piece with 220 grit sandpaper to age it and make it look more vintage. 
  I really enjoyed the whole process it was a nice change from the usual pieces that I do!

Primitive and Proper

Thursday, November 1, 2012

*Holly Paint*

Found this set via Craigslist...the guy that was selling this set was a real Doozy with an Attitude. But I got a great deal so it was totally worth putting up with his moodiness.

 Oh, the things I will do to get a good French Provincial set!! 

I sold the dresser to a client but, of course, I forgot to take a picture of it after it was done. 

 But here are the nightstands all fixed up and ready for someones home. Painted pearl white and distressed the perfect combination.

The drawers are lined with a cute wallpaper.