Monday, April 25, 2011

*Holly Paint*

I found this bookcase awhile back and 
I swear it is the heaviest thing ever!! 
Trust me I know because I lugged this thing many times as I tried to figure out what color and style to paint!!

I decided to use stripper for the first time, which was easy...this thing is solid wood so I primed it then painted it white.  I distressed it then sealed it...which a few day's later it had yellow spots all over it....uughh...frustrating!
(Oh...the yellow spots are because I used Polyurethane on white, I know better then that, 
just wasn't using my brain that day!) 

So out came the sander...more paint... more sanding...stain...bead board...sanding...this piece is a true labor of LOVE.
But well worth it...I have tried every spot in my house because I want to keep it so badly, but nothing works so it's up for sale. 
I'll be sad when it's gone...we formed a bond through all that mess!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*Holly Paint*

So, it has been forever since I posted, but I have been working like crazy on hopefully these post will be coming closer together!
I found this desk and chair awhile back and just knew they had potential.

I have a feeling that it was thrown out because Brade's Mom was 
  about this....

But if only she knew that it could be THIS...than maybe she would of thought twice before tossing it to the curb...Honestly I'm surprised that Brade wasn't also thrown to the curb!! 
A little gray paint and some stripes can make anything look better!


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