Sunday, November 27, 2011

*Holly Paint*

I found this dresser at a garage sale this summer and 
just loved the curved drawers and keyhole locks.
It is a solid well-made piece that just needed a little personality.

I painted it a antique off-white, stained the top and put on new knobs. 

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby just opened in our area and I'm super excited!!  I have been so jealous of the cute knobs that everyone gets I can get them too (with a 40 minute drive, but so worth it!)!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

*Holly Paint*

 So here is the story on this latest furniture makeover.

In September my good friend, Kelly, found out she had breast cancer.  
With Chemo treatments, medicines, and doctor visits her bills are adding up...
so I got to thinkin'... 
and realized I could makeover and sale a piece of furniture to help with her medical bills.

I bought this Solid Maple Vanity that was listed on Craigslist 
knowing the potential it had.  
I thought about painting it pink-for breast cancer awareness- but something inside kept pushing towards all white.  So I went with my "inner voice."

Well... I think the white turned out Lovely!  So simple and perfect.

I realized that I had this white and pink chair in my garage so I throwing it as a own little way of getting pink and -Breast Cancer Awareness- into the piece!

If you want to read Kelly's amazing blog please go check out My Honest Walk she shares her everyday struggles and insight with her battle against breast cancer. 
Be prepared to be inspired!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

*Holly Paint*

I found this little End Table on one of my Junkin' Adventures.

The lady who bought this dresser was wondering if I had anything that would 
work as a nightstand for her daughter's bedroom. 
Of course I thought of that little End would make a perfect Nightstand.

She wanted it the same color here it is!

She also wanted something to hang above the dresser, 
so she bought the Shabby Chalkboard.
I bet her daughter's room is Super-Duper-Cute!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

*Holly Happy*

I love my new Orange Entertainment Center and 
I am so excited that others are loving it too.

Katie over at Craptastic showed her off on Feature Friday #6.
Katie has great ideas and even better tutorials..go check her out!

I was surprised to see the Entertainment Center on
Oops I Craft My Pants "Mooching Mondays."
Her sister found an Entertainment Center for her to makeover. 
Gotta love her sister...I know mine would do the same but she lives in Japan so shipping could get a little expensive!!
I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Thanks Gals for featuring Holly Do.!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

*Holly Paint*

Here is an old picture of my living hasn't been set-up like this for a couple of years not, but I don't have a recent picture.

I have been scheming a "new look" for my living room and kitchen quite awhile now.  I'm so done with the pink/turquoise color combo in my house. 
So now I'm going to go yellow, orange and jade green...I can't wait. 

So the first thing to get made over is the pink desk that is up against the wall.  My husband added a shelf for the t.v. components quite awhile ago and it had remained unpainted until now....!!

Yes, my daughter was in the middle of watching Elmo!! 
But he has an Orange it works!!
Excuse the lack of decor and wires...I'll be working these kinks out...
but I just couldn't wait to show this entertainment center makeover. 
I know I'll be painting a lot more ORANGE in the future!!

*Holly Paint*

I had a client drop of this old buffet cabinet and wanted it to be made over. 
I can't not believe I didn't get a before picture of this was a mess! 
She pulled it out of her Grandpa's barn. 
It had at least 4 coats of paint and the colors were very random.
 Though I loved the different colors I was finding... grass green, red, mint green...
beautiful old-fashion colors! 
After a lot of sanding, stripping and fixing here is what it looks like now.  
It still has an old farmhouse look without all the dirt!  

I re-used all of the original hardware, the glass knobs had been painted over at least 3 times.  The paint came off with a little soaking and scraping.

Sorry for the horrible pictures I took them quickly as we were loading the pieces.

The client also brought this table over and wanted it to coordinate with the buffet.  
She found the table for free in front of a thrift store...lucky girl!!  
I had a hard time giving her this set back...I fell IN LOVE with it!!