Sunday, August 22, 2010

*Holly Paint*

Just finished this cute little cabinet yesterday and love it, if I do say so myself!!

My handy husband and I found the cabinet at a flea market not long after we got married. In order for it to be usable he had to fix the bottom drawer and the top and it has held up for the past 7 years. It had been white but I thought it could use a little color so went with this deep turquoise, then distressed it and aged it with stain. I re-used the white rose handles to give it some charm. Kinda want to keep it for myself but honestly don't have a spot for it...sad for me but good for the buyer who gets to take it home.

I bought the mirror when I was in college (though I never finished college so that's why I'm painting for a living!). I added the molding detail and then gave it the same finish as the cabinet. This would be a perfect set for a entry way or could be used as a dresser in a little girls room.



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