Tuesday, August 3, 2010

*Holly Bake*

Or should I say "Holly Canned." For the past week I have been canning different jams. Our peach tree didn't let us down this year so I made 3 pints of peach jam. Then...

My aunt gave me this Farm Journal -Freezing & Canning Cookbook and I found the recipe for "Peach-Pineapple-Orange" jam and I decided that I NEEDED to try it! First of all, I am a huge fan of Farm Journal Cookbooks it is my "go-to" cookbook and I have several of the series. And once again it didn't disappoint!

The jam was actually a slow-cook jam that took a lot of sugar so I decided to make it with pectin to speed up the process and use less sugar. (I'm not worry about the sugar intake I just didn't want the jam to be super-sweet.) Well, it turned out great! So now I have 6 jars of that jam.

Here's the recipe:
Peach-Pineapple-Orange Jam
4 cups of chopped peaches
1 cup crushed pineapple-drained
1 small orange or 1/2 of a large orange-juice and zest.
1 box Sure-Jell No Sugar/Less Sugar pectin
3 cups of sugar

Prepare jars and lids by boiling in large pot of water.

Mix all of the fruit together in large pot, add pectin and bring to full rolling boil stirring constantly. Add sugar and continue stirring until it reaches a full boil. Boil for 3 minutes.
Pour into prepared jars and process according to pectin package directions.

The same Aunt who gave me the cookbook also has blackberries growing along her driveway, so my husband and I spent a couple hours picking them. I was able to can about 12 pints of blackberry jam...yum...yum. Next up strawberries!

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