Friday, February 12, 2010


I hit a local church rummage sale this past week and found some great stuff. I paid $10.00 total for all of these things...which I think is a great deal. I walked out of there a very happy girl. Not picture is a large wooden frame and a white, milk glass like, flower pot. I have seen the flower pots at Goodwill and they have been price from $6-7 so I was thrilled to find one.

I love these prints, don't know if they are worth anything put the colors are amazing. I plan to remove them from the frame and matting and hopefully find some thrifted frames for them. They will go in my bedroom.

I am a huge fan of enamelware and have a very small collection which this pot with lid will fit in quite nicely. I love to crochet so when I can find a different size hooks I always will pick them up.
Also have recently started collecting vintage linens, I use some of them for my bedding and also made an apron out of another. The flower stem/centers are for my friend who makes flower headbands. I just loved the little glass jar.
So I know these are a little random but I want to spray paint the boards and then put a cute saying on them. I'll post a final picture of that when I finish. Also the original stickers are still on these boards and are marked as $16.95 each!!
I'm always looking for old cookbooks and especially love "fundraiser" cookbooks, you can find some great recipes. I already have the Good Housekeeping cookbook and I love it so this one will be a gift. I also like old children's books with great graphics. I use them for decoupage projects.

Here is an example of the pictures in the book...aren't they cute?! So not bad for 10 bucks!!!

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