Wednesday, November 7, 2012

*Holly Paint*

My brother, who is a handyman, was given this dresser by a client. He called me and asked if I wanted. Of course I wanted it...I always want old furniture!!  

 I really liked the simplicity and size of the dresser.  Though take a look at the knobs....I think 80's Puff Paints were used on them...not sure exactly what that design is??  Maybe a tulip, rose, or just plain scribble!!

I started by painting the dresser a Seafoam Green and then decided it needed a graphic.  My best friend and I were talking about different room themes and she mentioned she liked beach cruisers and thought that it would be cute for a kids room.  That got my mind thinking and I came up with this idea to paint on the dresser.  
I penciled in the bike using the knob as the center for the wheel.   Then I painted over the pencil with a charcoal gray paint.  

For the "Enjoy the Ride" I used this tutorial from That's My Letter.  She is really amazing when it comes to wood crafts.

  I went over the whole piece with 220 grit sandpaper to age it and make it look more vintage. 
  I really enjoyed the whole process it was a nice change from the usual pieces that I do!

Primitive and Proper


  1. that is awesome! as a cyclist, i love it even more!

  2. I just love this. found you at prim and proper. the center of the wheel is great!