Monday, October 22, 2012

*Holly Paint*

A client contacted me and asked if I could find and paint a buffet for her kitchen. She sent me a few inspiration pictures including the one below.  Luckily she was in no hurry because it over a month to find one in this style.
After searching Craigslist everyday I happen to go to one of my favorite thrift stores and this was sitting there.  So perfect!!  So I had my husband stop and pick it up after work that day. 
It had some spots that needed some attention so I got to work on it right away.  The client wanted the color to be turquoise, bright and happy but shabby and aged.  I did a custom mix of 2 different turquoise paints to get the turquoise color.  I painted one coat and when it dried I took my sandpaper to the whole piece and shabbied it up.  I then aged it with stain and sealed with wax. 

I did change out the original handles. They were too small for the piece and I had these in my stash.

The inside needed to be freshened up so I painted it with a few coats of white.  I hope I can find some more buffets like this...though I might have to keep the next one for myself!!
Primitive and Proper


  1. that is gorgeous!!! look at those details and the color is perfection!

  2. I love the color & you made the right choice in changing out the hardware. Beautiful job! Dee from My Painted Stuff

  3. Beautiful piece! Great find and you did fabulous!

  4. I love this piece! Beautiful color. I'm so excited your local! Following you now from El Dorado Hills :-)

  5. Can you explain "sealing it with wax"? I've always used polyurethane but have notice that people are now using a wax....I'd love to know more about it. :)