Wednesday, May 23, 2012

*Holly Paint*

A client asked me to keep my eyes open for a wardrobe for her new house. Her and her finance have recently moved into an older home that doesn't have any closets so she need someplace to hang her clothes. We both were looking for at least 2 months and finally found this one.  The flower details on the top and the drawers were perfect.  It had a crown molding trim on it when I picked it up but it had been cut so it could fit in a my husband put on a new molding.
I painted it a pearl white and distressed lightly. 
 But my favorite part is the drawers inside.  The client was wanting some color but since she knows her colors will change over time she didn't want to commit to the whole piece being a color.  So we decided to put the color on the inside for only her to see!  I mixed a custom light turquoise and then painted on the chalkboard paint for the labels. 
I painted dots around the chalkboard rectangles for some fun.   Just Perfect!

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