Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I've been up to...

I know I haven't posted a lot lately.

It doesn't mean I haven't been working on projects because I have.  I have just been working on stuff for myself.  Such as redecorating my kitchen and living room and though it is a slow process it is coming together. 

Here are a few sneak peaks.  I look forward to when I have it all done but I am still searching for a few things before I can say it is done.  
Such as a pallet and and a great idea for a decorative wall...

A little side cabinet...

An old
Crocheting granny squares for a cute pillow, inspired by Rose Hip
A roadside find....
New tile back splash!  I found all of the hexagon tile in someones garbage pile.  Saved us lots of $$ plus I think it looks like chicken wire!?
New vintage chandelier...
Kitchen table make-over...
A little organization for message taking...
A make-over for a client....
A gift for my brothers new home...
And a New Idea for Holly Do. Boutique!

These past few months have been full of thinking about Holly Do. and what I want it to become. I know I have been ignoring my blog and also haven't posted a lot of furniture for sale.  But that should end soon as I have tons of stuff sitting in my garage to paint.  I should be posting a desk and end table next week!  

It has been good to have these past couple of months to brainstorm my next plans for Holly Do.  I want to start an Etsy shop, I'm participating in a craft fair in May, and best of all, my husband is going to teach me how to build "things" during his summer break. I'm so excited to see this all come together soon!


  1. OOoooh I love what you made for your brother! (which one's moving?) A beautiful view I see every day! :-)

  2. OMG, how did you get the tree on the front of that dresser? LOVE it!

  3. Okay, not only do I continue to love that Chicken wire cabinet (remember that you promised to write my name on the back as the next person to get it) but now I have extreme backsplash envy!!! This is not good! And I LOVE the cabinet - it is fabulous. Hopefully we can both get our Etsy act together and start our sites.

  4. Mom, you're working backwards. The young people ask the old people for things when they die. So I believe it will be mine!

  5. Hi there! I just discovered your blog through the Vintage Sheet blog, and was excited to see that you're local-ish to me (I'm in Lincoln). Love all of your fun furniture makeovers! :)