Sunday, July 3, 2011

*Holly Sew*

I bought this boys button down shirt last winter in hopes of making a dress for my daughter.  My 1st attempt was to leave the collar and make 3/4 length sleeves but unfortunetly I FAILED!  It looked horrible. 

So I pulled it out again last night and gave it a 2nd try with and went for a summer look!

Here is the "before" of the shirt.

And after!  A little cutting, some bias tape and 2 pink buttons was all it needed to be a Perfect Summer Dress

I had to bribe her with a pink Starburst  so she would take a few pictures!

I LOVE the back of the dress!


  1. That was a smart way to do it. I have a men's shirt I've been meaning to make into a dress for my daughter. Haven't gotten around to it yet though.

  2. OMG!!! That is adorable! And she's the best little model EVER!!! <3