Friday, June 3, 2011

*Holly Paint*

I finally painted this vanity I found awhile back.  
This vanity is super common...some furniture company must of made millions of them!!

I paired it with this chair...isn't it lovely??? 
You should of see the ugly red plaid fabric that was underneath 
the brown/tan stripe fabric!!
Amazing what some black paint and new upholstery will do to furniture. 
I covered the fabric with a vinyl covering so it would be easy to wipe-down. 
The inside of the drawer is painted fuchsia to add a extra fun! 
AND...isn't the flower knob super-cute!!


  1. love that!!! how fun are those colors, and the knob is awesome!

  2. You made this phenomenal!! Such a cute combo!

  3. Love this set, Holly! Your style is totally adorable. It's fun to see so much color!!