Sunday, March 27, 2011

*Holly Sew*

My son is in Kindergarten and each year they have a Kindergarten Circus.  
It is a 45 minute long program with all sorts of circus acts.  
They needed a new monkey costume so his teacher asked if I could come up with something.  They already had a boy version of the vest and hat so I made the girl version so it could be interchangeable.  

I asked my son to model the costume...but I had to bribe him with
M & M's because it was a "girl monkey!"
I can get my kids to do anything for M & M's!!

I used Simplicity Pattern 2855 which was really easy to sew!

For the tail I added wire so it would cute! 

Several years ago Toby's teacher had made a "boy" version of the hat and vest and did a great job so I just traced a pattern from the vest and made the girl version. 

For the hat I cut a large yogurt container down, covered it with felt and added the feather. 
I made a flower from felt and glued on a flower jewel to add a little pizazz! 
Thanks goodness for a glue gun! 

In order to make the hat interchangeable I sewed a large patch of Velcro to the top of the monkey head and then glued Velcro to the bottom of each hat.  
I had Toby run around all crazy like (actually that is how he acts normally!) and it didn't come off...mission accomplished!

Doesn't he make a cute "girl" monkey...he would be so mad if he knew I wrote this!!!
SSHH...don't tell him!!

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