Friday, February 4, 2011

*Holly Happy*

Oh my...Oh wow...How exciting.
Katie over at
gave me a Stylish Blogger  Just made my day!!!

 Katie has only been blogging for 2 months and she has shown some amazing stuff.

Totally jealous of this Craigslist find....10 Buckeroos!!  She practically stole that thing!
 And I have never been a big fan of purple...but this dresser has permanently changed my mind.
  So Perfectly Purple.
So anyways...THANK YOU Katie for the award.

So now I get the fun of Listing 7 random things about me and then give out this award to some of my favorite I hope I don't bore you to much!!!

1.  I love Corn Bread and Chocolate Milk...together
I mix it all up in a glass and eat it with a spoon.

2.  I will only buy plain white paper towels.  
I HATE paper towels with designs on them...tacky!
I have always wanted to be a clown and make balloon animals.
I am forever searching for the PERFECT Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.
(I promise to post them when they are found!)
Forget Hawaii, Paris, Italy....
My Dream Vacation would be going to the the World's Longest Yardsale.
I dream of the day of owning and restoring an old Farmhouse.
I love to Quilt, Sew, Crochet and Garden and I swear I'm not 90 years old!

Blogs I Love:

What a Perfect name for her "Love-Leigh" Again Furniture Makeovers.
Her color palette choices make me HAPPY, her crocheting is amazing.
Lola B's/one girl talks
Her Random Ramblings crack me up, Honestly sometimes I laugh out loud.
Dottie Angel
Another Rambler with Vintage Inspired Crafts and Cute Ideas.
All Things Vintage Sheets
Amazing Tutorials for Vintage Sheets,  for one of my favorite material.
Junk Restore
She paints some cute furniture and host some amazing Barn Sales
Grand Design
This girls got Interior Design Skills!
Cookie Madness
Yum..Yum dessert recipes!
My Sweet Creations
She and I must have the exact same taste when it comes to Sweets!
Thompson Family-Life
Love her Quirky Vintage Style.

Well there are so many more to list but my kids are fighting as

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